Saturday, March 26, 2005



Hi dudes.

When I learn languages, I learn the most from small bits and pieces of text/speech that is thoroughly commented.
Deutsch-Happen, litterally "a snap of German", snap in sense of a piece of food, often also found to signify a quick-to-eat piece of fast food. "Lass uns einen Happen essen gehen" = "Let's go eat something." (pronounce with a slight stress on "essen")
Remember "Finding Nemo"? In the German synchronization, the fish in the aquarium call Nemo "Haihappen". "Der Hai"="the shark". So he's a snap for the sharks...
Normally it's the other way round: der Obsthappen, der Fischhappen, der Fleischhappen...
On the opposite, "Wow, Ein ganz schöner Happen Geld!" means "A big bunch of money!"

German is strange, I know.
Der Hai (Wikipedia)

Findet Nemo (Wikipedia)
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