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Now to something very important in your toolbox of German expressions. No I don't mean bad words...
eine Party = a Party
Party machen = to have a party

You can say "Lasst uns Party machen"="Let's have a party". Did you notice that I dropped the article before Party? This happens often with fixed expressions like party machen. Likewise "lass uns Hausaufgaben machen" (homework), "lass uns Frühjahrsputz machen" (spring cleaning), "lass uns Sport treiben" (do sports).
durchmachen = (here:) stay awake all night

"Wir machen durch"="We stay awake all night. Normally durchmachen is used like "Ich mache eine schlimme Zeit durch!"="I'm experiencing a bad time!"

aufreißen, anbaggern, klarmachen: to pick up

Again, prefixes are separated in simple tenses: "Ich reiße sie auf", "Ich baggere sie an" and "ich mache sie klar." The roots of these words are interesting and very metaphoric: aufreißen = rip open something, anbaggern = dredge from something, klarmachen = prepare/tidy up something (like the deck of a ship, a gun etc.).

Ok enough for this post... Maybe there will be a second part soon!
Wikipedia is a bit too dry on this theme, but here goes anyways:

Party (Wikipedia)
Flirt (Wikipedia)

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